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Harbor One Marina
Portland, Oregon
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Harbor One Marina • Portland, Oregon • (503) 281-6529


Fleet & excursions

The PSC Fleet

Portland Sailing Center's fleet currently includes boats from 22 feet to 39 feet in length. All are ballasted keelboats which don't tip over as their unballasted cousins often do. So dress for the weather, bring non-marking shoes, and leave your swim wear at home.

Day Sail/Hourly Excursions

Wanna go sailing? Great! How's the weather? All we need is you and a little wind. Give us a call and let's see if there is a boat and captain available (classes take prededence).

We do not do wine and cheese tours, just sailing. At least one of your group should be interested in helping sail the boat (with guidance). Cost is $65 per hour for up to three persons (check or cash only), two hour minimum. Add $10 per hour for each additional person. We can set a time and date, but if the wind fails be prepared to cancel or reschedule. Dress for the weather and wear non-marking shoes.

Portland Sailing Center
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